The Cold Water Sensation In My Head And How I Got Rid Of It

This is the story of my unusual condition. One of the probably weirdest symptoms I used to have when I was around 14-15 years old was a cold water sensation in my head whenever I woke up in the morning. Compared to what I heard from people, mine didn’t last too long – only about 1-2 hours, but was enough to make me anxious and irritated.

a sudden cold water sensation in my head

What I meant by there was a cold water sensation in my head?

It was not a nice thing to feel AT ALL. Just imagine that it feels like water dripping on your head nonstop for an hour or so. I believe the experience from having this absurd migraine was the exact reason how the ancient Chinese invented their way of torturing people by dripping water on their forehead. This is because because it would make them go completely insane. You get the point.

What I mean to describe was a cold, wet feeling in my head. That also means sharp pains at times. That is exactly what I mean a cold sensation in my head. It made me shivered and squirmy, and ran wild all over my brain. Sometimes I felt it near my forehead, but sometimes it could be down the back of my skull. You never know what you’re gonna get the next morning. I was also extremely dizzy and felt like I could pass out at any moment.

This unusual feeling turned my whole family into chaos. You know how you put a simple symptom onto Google and it says that you have the chance of carrying cancer? Well, our situation was kinda similar. My mom freaked out because she thought that I might have a aneurysm (at such a young age!) or even brain tumors. So I was, of course, forced to the hospital. I must take multiple MRI scans just to make sure my brain was ok.

cold sensation in my head

What went wrong inside my brain?

When I got the result, what they found out was that my brain was completely normal. The doctor also didn’t suggest any type of other disease I could be having, which baffled us even more. I told him “my head feels weird” and he only pointed us to the scans that showed I was fine. But at least I didn’t have to worry about the possibility of me having brain cancer anymore.

As I also took a blood test “just in case”, we then also discovered that my dizziness and my tendency to faint was solely caused by anemia. My blood pressure was just too low in the morning. This was when I didn’t exercise much and my diet was horrible, so no wonder I didn’t have any energy.

Then what about the trickling sensation in my head that resembled a broken tap of water? How do I explain that then?

For a while, I thought I could just ignore it and continue with my life as usual. But like I said, it was so irritating to a point that I couldn’t endure it anymore. I furiously searched all over the internet to see if there was any answer to what I was going through. From what I saw, many other people were also experiencing the same problem I had, but there was just no satisfactory explanation.

Some people did actually suffer from brain tumor and aneurysm. Some had undergone surgeries or had a concussion and the cold water sensation in head was the aftereffect. None of those fit my description.

Until I came across a few articles on symptoms of anxiety and stress.

Which included feeling cold rushes inside your skin, even on your head.

How i feel cold sensation in my head

For the first time, I learned that paresthesia did not just affect people with physical damage to the brain. It could break out even after suffering mental wounds as well, as long as the disturbance was severe enough.

And it just so happened that I was actually in the middle of exam season.

How I dealt with that annoying symptom?

I had to immediately check if this speculation was true, that this feeling of fluid running in my head was just because I overwork myself a bit too much for the past few months. I have consulted with my doctor. And he recommended me to do a few breathing exercises, along with trying for a yoga class to see if I could relieve my stress and lift the burden off my mind a bit.

With the condition of my anemia also in mind, I really determined about becoming healthier, both physically and mentally. It was the start of my journey of changing my lifestyle and diet for the better. I started paying more attention to what I ate, took my vitamins and supplements daily, and instead of fainting in the morning, I could go running for an hour without over-exhaust myself. It felt so great to be full of energy and stress-free.

How i get rid of cold sensation in my head

Whenever I look back, I have to admit, it was kinda funny that my fitness journey has started because I hate that cold water sensation in my head too much. It was both unfortunate and fortunate at the same time, and I’m still glad I find something I love and improve my own health. I hope this helps anyone out there with the same condition, and I suggest consulting with your doctor as well.

Towards a healthy life,

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