Fibromyalgia Service Dog

Reasons Why Chronic Pain Patients Need Fibromyalgia Service Dog Breeds

If you have never heard of fibromyalgia, you’re kinda lucky. Fibromyalgia is not that rare. It is a pain disorder that affects millions of people each year within the US. People who are patients of this condition should feel hurt almost everywhere on their bodies due to heightened pain response to pressure.

Not only do they suffer from chronic widespread pain but they also have symptoms like depression and memory problems that can disrupt normal activities. Therefore, patients must come up with a method to reduce daily pain to a tolerable level.

That’s why people nowadays often rely on a fibromyalgia service dog. This article will explain how a service dog can help alleviate the pain of fibromyalgia sufferers.

What Is A Service Dog?

Before jumping to the part of “what tasks can a service dog do for fibromyalgia”, we need to first understand the basic terms.

Get ready, this might blow your mind in seconds. A service dog is different from a therapy dog, or other kinds of emotional support animals.

Therapy dogs are famous for their capability of providing comfort, love, and affection for people around them. For the most part, they are just good dogs being all smiles and tender without causing any trouble. Hence, neither does a therapy dog need sophisticated training nor special skills.

Emotional support dogs are like therapy dogs, except that they have some more privileges. For example, an emotional support dog will have permission to travel on a plane or does not have to comply with pet policies in some places.

Both therapy dogs and emotional support dogs are under appreciation for their effort in easing mental pain, but not in physical assistance. This is why service dogs stand out from the crowd, getting recommends for specialized tasks – such as caring for disabled individuals or chronic pain patients.

In other words, a service dog provides the owner with support regarding both emotional and physical needs. These days, they have been serving diabetes, autism, and chronic pain patients all over the world.

Sometimes, they are around just to a pet for you to cuddle up, and make their owner feel better. Sometimes, they perform a variety of working tasks with specific purposes – such as service dog tasks for fibromyalgia.

The most familiar type of service dog is a guide dog that helps its blind owner with navigating and avoiding obstacles. Also, there are service dogs for alerting people with hearing impairments or assist them with mobility and balance problems.

Hence, they have permission to enter almost every public area so that their owner can receive 24/7 care and support.

What Tasks Can A Service Dog Do For Fibromyalgia?

For your information, there has not been any direct cure for fibromyalgia that guarantees 100% effectiveness. Recommendations from healthcare experts are medication, self-care, and a healthier lifestyle.

The method of reducing fibromyalgia conditions varies among individuals. Some find relief by implementing medication exercises and steady diets. Some prefer a service dog to assist in their daily needs, which brings about more benefits than you can imagine.

First of all, a fibromyalgia service dog can “scent” the pain and health issues. Apart from their animal instinct, service dogs also can discover abnormalities in their behaviors that indicate problems. They have gone through special training sessions, remember?

Therefore, it is no surprise for fibromyalgia patients that their service dogs detect the presence of body pains, tiredness, or anxiety disorders. At that moment, they will immediately find a way to comfort their owner by lying next to and cuddling up.

In case you feel pain and need mobility support, your service dog is bound to move alongside and brace itself against your body. Furthermore, these dogs are professional enough to know and act when you struggle to do something, such as picking up or pushing/pulling something out of the way…

A fibromyalgia service dog can’t act as a cure for this syndrome, but it is sure to make life easier for all patients.

How To Get A Service Dog For Chronic Pain Sufferers?

If you are or know someone who is a fibro-patient, do not hesitate to consider getting a service dog.

However, you need to contact a local doctor or animal shelter to seek more information, since there may not be any service dog trainers in town. Also, a doctor can provide you with detailed instructions, the pros, and cons of having your service dog. When you both settle on a deal, he will begin to guide you through the next steps.

Getting in touch with a reputable and authorized service dog/assistance dog organization is another straightforward way. Yet, keep in mind that you’ll need quite a sum of money because these dogs are carefully bred and trained.
That’s all you need to do, isn’t it? From there, you may be asked to make another decision: Whether you want an already trained dog or a specially trained one that meets the exact requirements for your condition.

Thus, it is necessary to thoroughly understand your condition and daily needs. Many fibromyalgia patients have trouble moving around and doing physical tasks, while some others may suffer more from mental effects.

Of course, it comes with a higher price and more time before you can have your best animal friend come home.
Last but not least, don’t forget that you must complete the process by registering the dog at the US Service Animals website and receive proper documentation. Otherwise, your dog will not be fully accessible to all the privileges of an official service dog, even when it was trained and approved by medical facilities.

In conclusion, fibromyalgia will never keep you from doing what you love. A loving service dog is sure to give a warm, positive vibe and help you get through all the fears. Such a pleasure to have their company, to know that they’ll do their best to keep us happy and healthy at all costs.

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