Meaningful Gifts For People With MS

There is not any clear reason for how MS begins, but when a person is diagnosed with this disease, we all know they are going to go through a lot of pain and struggle. In this blog, Fibromyalgia Syndrome Relief will help you know more about MS and show you how to pick the most meaningful gifts for people with MS.

What are MS patients going through

Multiple sclerosis (MS) happens when the autoimmune system mistakenly attacks the fatty tissue called myelin, which surrounds nerve fibers and has the duty to protect them. Although MS is a central nervous system disease, its symptoms impact the entire body. Some of those early symptoms can be named as blurred double vision, color distortions, numbness, balance loss, extreme fatigue, heat sensitivity, etc. depending on the types and levels of MS. The symptoms also get worse and have different occurred orders for different types. Besides, there are uncommon symptoms like breathing or hearing problems, headaches, seizures, etc. 

In order to help MS patients, you should remind them to stick to an optimally healthy diet, exercise regularly, clean living environment, support them with sleep issues and the most important thing is to always bring them positivity and care.

Wonderful multiple sclerosis gifts for MS patients

Multiple sclerosis gifts can be from small gestures and daily mundane items to specialized multiple sclerosis products. The key to choosing gifts for someone with ms is knowing your audience. MS warriors need as much positivity as possible, thus you need to know them to think of what would make them happy. Sometimes you can just simply pick up some cool and unique Hyperfavor inspirational MS awareness shirts to lift up their mood, but be careful that some patients might feel like being attacked when receiving specific multiple sclerosis products as the gifts remind them of their disease and might even trigger their symptoms. Hence, remember our suggestions of these following MS gift ideas are solely for reference, what you actually buy has to be varied based on the patients.

Buy them a nice drink

The drink is not necessarily their favorite, which would actually be the best, but you should absolutely avoid the types they dislike or something that is too hot or could increase their body heat which would potentially trigger them. You can take them out to a chill and relaxing cafe or teahouse, order a nice and creamy beverage. If they are in a bad mood and refuse to go out, you can buy them a fancy tea box, instant hot chocolate or lattes. A nice and warm drink always eases out a person whose mind is tense.

Body temperature control

Overheating is dangerous for MS patients as it will trigger pseudo-exacerbation, which makes MS temporarily worse. Therefore, gifts for people with ms which can actually improve their symptoms are items that are useful in hot or humid conditions.

Bandanas that are made of high-quality fabric are great because they can be used as cooling scarves or wrist bands. They can be soaked in cold water, and believe me, MS patients would feel like heavens when wearing them on. Make sure to buy bandanas that are soft and reusable. If you need a higher dose to rapidly cool off the body temperature, just look for some powerful multiple sclerosis products like a heavy-duty cooling vest, which can keep your man stay cool for hours.

A piece of electronic device that can be a little bit high in terms of price is the air conditioner. An AC is the ultimate gift for MS patients with superior cooling functions.

MS gifts that help them out when they are struggling

With the mentioned symptoms, MS fighters usually suffer from all those disabilities. Here are some great gifts for someone with MS which help them have a normal life even when in pain and numbness.

You can buy them a modern and utilized walking cane so they can move when their arms and legs are sore and trembling. A blow dryer that is hand-free and can be hung on anything can lay a helping hand to deal with wet hair, protecting them from catching a cold. Furthermore, daily chore gadgets can make up for the limited mobility of MS patients like vacuum cleaner roombas for dirt cleaning, robotic lawn mower for gardening, electric can opener and slow cooker for cooking, etc.

Soft and comfortable apparel is a great assistance, especially those which can keep the patients warm yet not make them overheated. Fuzzy socks and a weighted blanket are awesome MS gifts that make them feel relaxing, thus reduce anxiety or insomnia and improve their sleep.

If you care for your close friends, family members and relatives who are struggling with this disease and want to understand what they really need, you can find out more information about MS, find events and make donations with the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Productivity and home entertainment technology

Vision problems are a common MS symptom. MS gifts that aid them with reading and working with the loss or blur of vision can be named as hand-reading books, electric readers which can enlarge text size and read audiobooks.

A smart house system with voice commands for electronic devices is the biggest help. You can turn on the light, play music, close doors, etc. you name it, just with your voice.

An electric scooter helps them with walking problems so they can go to work or anywhere that is not too far away.

Take them outside and enjoy

Staying at home 24/7 is not good at all. You can gift MS patients with gift cards or coupons or take them out with you to watch a movie, go to a spa or organize an adventure. These activities will absolutely cheer them up, but make sure that you already have arranged someone to do their work when they are outside with you, or they would be extremely stressed dealing with those chores. 

Remember, positivity is always the key. If you find our blog helpful, read more about Fibromyalgia Syndrome and related diseases in Advice & Solutions blog category.

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